Saturday, August 22, 2009

ARIA Vol.10 Navigation 48 - Traghetto

ARIA Vol.10 Navigation 48 [ACS]


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  1. Thank you for the upload =)

  2. I loved this episode in the anime, and it's just as great in the manga.


  3. Fwee~! =D The Traghetto ^___^
    definitely glad to see its almost the same both ways ^___^

    Thanks for the scanlating ^_^

  4. This is an awesome chapter. And yeah, it's PRETTY MUCH page for page.

  5. Atora's horribly cute. There are too few megane-type characters in the series, and we only got to see Alicia in hers once or twice.

  6. Oh, yes yes yes yes yes! I've been wanting this chapter for quite some time.

  7. yaaay...traghetto.. i've been waiting for this chapter. thanks a lot

  8. Whaa! I first thought that Akira would finally confess her feelings to Alicia in the beginning. Talk about wishful thinking. It's also a bit of a shame we don't get to see the person leads the Traghetto service. I want to see more Primas!

    The translation is smooth as ever. Good job!

  9. I like this part, as one of the first which shows that Akari is ready just she isn't know that. (As if anyone noticed that her new gondola in the anime is almost 2× larger than the old one. It's not the small practice gondola but a full one).

    It always struck me how much Ayumi looks like Akira-san when she was a Single... And not just the looks but the whole tomboyish manner. Except of course the goal to be a prima :)

    This chapter brings it up for me: as far as I know the arietta episode, specifically the part about Alicia hesitation to take an apprentice is not in the manga. But that always make me think that in the very first chapters, when Aika is lurking around Aria Company, she is not there for Alicia as she said. More like she wanted to see Akari, what apprentice Alicia choose... and the manga looks definitely like that :)
    Also it's hard to think that the Akari is not well known in the whole undine community... as the only apprentice of the Aria Company, and pupil of Alicia Snow White.

  10. I never noticed a difference in size between the gondolas. Primas use white ones and the others are black. That's about it.

    As for Arietta: the events in that OVA indeed don't occur in the manga. As a matter of fact, it is written by someone else entirely, but it is still considered canon.

  11. just bought myself aria voyage 12 ^_^ soo happy..
    my neo-venesian manga collection now almost completed.. i missed the publication date of vol 10. could you imagine, it only take a few week for the bookstore to run out of stock :(
    i already place an order for it, and from the look of it, it'll prolly take a few week for the bookstore to get it... i hope they get it
    ps: so that's where that huge cat live ^_^

  12. It's rare to have a good look at the to types of gondolas, but if you check it, the pair/single gondolas more rough and practical looking. They are the same as the old mailman's for example. The white undine gondola is much more elegant and fine-designed, not only by the ornaments and painting but the lines of the boat. And if you watch the passenger area, it definitely bigger.

    All the series, the 3 novice gondola are the same.
    After Akari got her new one, it's rare to see the girls practicing with 3 boats, but happens:
    The new gondola is not the rough short type as the old, but a long, elegant one, exactly the same as the white gondola (except the painting of course).
    The funny part that in the Origination, the black gondolas are the same again, only Akary have a different front ornament, the others have the old, boxy piece :)

  13. Shapeshifting gondola? Why not? ;)

  14. Gondolas confirmed for Transformers 3.

  15. Codename Pokoteng

  16. "The new gondola is not the rough short type as the old, but a long, elegant one, exactly the same as the white gondola (except the painting of course)."
    not as big as the white one but it is big. and one should realise that it mean she can manuver a gondola just like a prime do while still being a single.

  17. Anyone able to read and understand this? The latter part says something about the Aria gondola game web sales possibility.

  18. I never heard about that doujin game before.

    Anyway here's what it says:

    Now, about ARIA FESTA DI GONDRA, the talk about the [consignation] sales is advancing bit by bit.
    We got some very good comments about it, but since we've done a very bad thing to the people that attended Comiket by not being able to sell it there, we'll definitely make the sales part come true!
    We've yet to decide how the sales will take place, will them be through the internet? will them be over the counter?
    So, since these preparations will still take some time(probably until september, at least) i'd be glad if everyone would be a have a little bit more patience.

  19. Thanks, this is very great news!