Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Amanchu! Ch09 (HQ) - Springtime Murkiness

Amanchu! Ch09 (HQ) [ACS]

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  1. Tamas Feher from HungaryAugust 11, 2009 at 2:33 AM

    As the first poster I take Ooki Futaba. Be quick and take Pikari or Ms. Mato before they are gone!

  2. Otherwise, many thanks for the record quick translation! This chapter isn't easy to understand without english text.

  3. Tamas Feher from HungaryAugust 11, 2009 at 2:41 AM

    (Note: In hungarian webforums it is customary to race to make the first comment to "own" a topic, but it is not considered a valid claim, unless the very first comment includes number 0 somewhere, often in place of letter O.

    On closer examination you can see that I made a mistake and forgot to "zeroize" Ooki, so she is not yet mine officially... 0ops!)

  4. "PHEEP !!!"

    = Thanks ! =D

    I will buy the first book of Amanchu! !!

  5. Please do so and show support to our cat loving author.

  6. > Kappa = a creature in japanese folklore

    Kappa is fairly well-known worldwide, because it (he?) was featured in Harry Potter book 3 and 4. Maybe this was not lost on Ms. Amano, as she is a big HP fan.

    BTW, does an HP manga exist? I know there are weird-looking, yet official Star Wars mangas in Japan. None of the characters bear any similarity to the movies.

  7. Chapter 9 gives a whole new meaning to monkey business...

  8. Kappa's pretty well known in Japan too, and there are many weird/fantastic stories about the Kappa...

    Do a random search and you'll see. Although Kappa are potrayed in many different ways in anime/manga...

  9. I have a good laugh, thank you.

  10. @Fehér Tamás: While I'm a Hungarian, I don't go to Hungarian forums (just English ones), but that "customary" exist on those, too. However it's taken as a rude behavior, what only retards or Channers do. No offense, I just wanted to warn you. At least your first comment was more normal than those retard's (they only write "first!").

    >"Kappa are portrayed in many different ways"

    See Touhou. Without any knowledge of the series, you won't know which girl is a Kappa.

    As for that two pages big colored picture, I already see Freedom raging about fanservice.

  11. >see Freedom raging about fanservice

    Then what? When the first publisher dropped Aqua, Amano-sensei made a deal with the devil to bring the storyline over to Comic Blade. Aria immediately introduced a high ZR-factor miniskirt lolita, obviously created to satisfy the predominantly teenage boy readership of Comic Blade. Every single frame of Arisu is fanservice. People draw fanfic about her being gang-raped and such disgusting things.

    Oooki and Pikari will probably end up in the tentacular braces of a horny giant squid in this winter's Comiket doujishin, if history is any indication of things to come.

  12. >Every single frame of Arisu is fanservice.

    I actually get the idea that Amano likes to draw pretty girls very much herself, which might be the main reason the introduced Alice in ARIA. I wouldn't bee surprised if that picture of Futaba and Pikari in swimming suits is very much self-service.

  13. >See Touhou. Without any knowledge of the series, you won't know which girl is a Kappa.

    Oh god. Please don't.

  14. >Arisu

    Well, then I'm glad about this service. Arisu is mai waifu.

    Actually I started to agree with you.

  15. How much of Crescent Noise went into Aqua/Aria? Yayoi Kagura to Akari and Kirika Hazaki to Alicia look rather straightforward ports. Yet, it's not the kind of peaceful story expected of Aria/Amanchu.

  16. By the way, it looks like someone recently did an english scanlation for the first chapter of Crescent Noise volume 1:


  17. Crescent Noise vol1 ch1 in 14MB ZIP file is here:


  18. Crescent Noise vol1 ch1 english scanlation is here in a 14MB ZIP file.

    They must be mazochists to start this, the entire six-volume CN saga is about 1100 pages long... Way too much work for an otherwise not really outstanding manga.

  19. Could someone seed Amanchu Ch 07? Thanks

  20. You can't use DDL? There's another DDL link option on the mangahelpers page if you can't use mediafire

  21. Wow, Amano's artwork really improved quite a bit since Crescent Noise. Not to mention her storytelling.

  22. Gondola torimasu! Festa di gondola torimasu!

    The legendary Aria gondola game has reached version 1.0, received a new, longer title and it will be shown at Comiket 76 tomorrow. The RYTHM circle website has been updated with new pictures:


    I wonder if they will sell it over the net or it still remains a matter of hopeless PD and BT linkhunting?

  23. Cool. I'll check it out tomorrow, if they upload it. This'll be the best Comiket I've ever not been.

  24. The "Sora no Uta tanpenshu" (Amano short stories collection no. 2) has a weird spaceship sci-fi story at the end. It may explain about Aria's Caith Sith, but I can't get the slightest clue about the story.

  25. Is the Aria gondola game discontinued after the latest version 1.0 edition?


  26. The discontinuation note for the Aria gondola game has been mended since yesterday:

    May be due to popular pressure?

  27. Tamas Feher from HungaryAugust 18, 2009 at 4:20 AM

    Several Aria cosplayers from Comiket 76 this august.

  28. As for Arisu being fanservice, someone has cosplayed Alice-chan both in undine and school uniform:



  29. Back from holidays and I see a whole load of monkey business, both in and outside Amanchu 09!

  30. I do not see any torrents or dls for it.

    Chances are someone will need to navigate through the Japanese p2p minefields for it.

  31. I found nothing about the Aria game. And DoujinSoft is down since the overload of traffic caused by the release of the two new Touhou games (what are really great, btw). I can't use Share anymore, so if somebody has it, please look for it.

  32. halo.. hi-low.. Hell-O.. hello..
    anyway, i just bought myself both aqua manga book for less then a dollar. no it's not secondhanded, the bookstore is having a clearance sale.

    aqua volume two contain 5 nav where the one nav that doesnt exist in the net release is about president aria being a superhero cat ^_^.. but that's not what really concern me.

    the thing that really concern me is the special nav 'cold and pudding' (aika got the flu). there's alice all over the chapter.. yes, alice!!! can u believe it A L I C E ? akari and alice is visiting aika that got the flu.

    the page b4 the special nav (the one with only one tiny panel in the corner)is a pic of alice and akari.
    alice: good day
    akari: huh? who are you?

    but at the special nav all three of them look rather very familiar.. wierd huh? it like they know each other for long. and they train together too.
    is this actually a special nav for this volume? or is s'pose to be from another volume? or is it a nav that got wierdly released due to the aqua transformation to aria thingy??
    can someone give answer please.. thanks

  33. It's a later edition reprint with the special nav added as an extra, it doesn't fit chronologically and she(amano) jokes about it with the insert pages.

  34. Aqua Vol 2 (Mag Garden) indeed has a special nav out of sequence.

    In the original Enix version, a one-off manga unrelated to Aqua/Aria called "Othello Game" (by Amano) was inserted at the back instead.