Monday, August 30, 2010

congratulations and

>Monthly Comic Blade announced that mangaka Amano Kozue has become pregnant. The serialization of the manga Amanchu! will be slowed down to quarterly. Amano said "I'll leave for another creation for a while. Please wait for my come back."
sources: ANN, MAL, Natalie

There should(?) be a chapter in this months Comic Blade. And the remaining will obviously come in 3 month intervals for a period of time.
Meanwhile as people have noticed at the bottom status - during the Amanchu! break we decided to attempt one (and probably the only one at this rate) of the Monthly Undines. Due to it being a lot of text and current TL's being busy, I am looking for more translator help. We currently have 8 pages left, and if you think you could help do a few of those (note there is lots of text and no furigana) please leave some way of contact in the comments, thank you.