Wednesday, January 13, 2010

ARIA Vol.12 Navigation 56 - Living Dolls

ARIA Vol.12 Navigation 56 [ACS]

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  1. Here it is, I think this is the last manga-only chapter.

    A short but very deep dialogue, to the point of being very difficult to translate it's full original meaning.

  2. Very deep... and thank you for the chapter T^T it feels like the end of the world..erm..Aria is very near.

    And somehow I feel weird because this is the first time I read latest Amanchu! (Ch 13) on other website... other than my beloved ACS... and in Indonesian too >_>

    But I guess you guys still waiting for HQ Raw, no?

    Best Regards,

  3. ^what this bout indonesian released amanchu??
    (i'm indonesian)
    ahh the end is coming... five more chapter and we finally able to see where's that man-sized cat lived :D

  4. yah!! new chapter. thanks for releasing!

  5. Judging from the Japanese originals this must have been quite a chore to translate. Still, this is a rather weak chapter. It looks like Amano was looking for material to pad the ending of the series a bit. I mean, really... who cares about some silly dolls?

    Still, good work. I wouldn't have been able to translate it that quicky, that's for sure ;)

  6. Weak chapter? Hardly. I feel it's one of the strongest independent chapters - despite its short length. Definitely one of the more serious themed chapters, sporting quite poetic and thought provoking dialogue(in comparison to the majority).
    Also some foreshadowing of the end to come, a very strong and fitting starting chapter for the final volume.

  7. Remember the Redentore chapter, when Akari says she has never seen a real fireworks before as all such shows on Manhome are laser simulations?

    This is no longer sci-fi. Japanese researchers at Keio University have created a laser system that can be precisely focused anywhere in mid-air and has so much energy density it creates small blue plasma flashes in the focal point.

    They can steer the beam using mirrors and it was used to drawn butterfly, pyramid, spiral, etc. shapes on National Geographic TV to demonstrate the future of fireworks as opposed to traditional pyrotechnics.


  8. Men.. this is awsome !

    i thought i want to see this chapter on animation.

  9. Aria finished its run in Italy last month (vol. 11 and 12 were published as a single book), but I like this English translation so much I'll be sticking around anyway :)

  10. MiloD

    @ Motormind

    I agree with Mez,
    this chapter "signal" reader the end of ARIA..
    An emotional chapter..

    In this world,
    Happy moments,
    Sad moments..
    All have to end.

    It's part of life..
    It's inevitable..

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  12. Wasted Time blog now has a short Amanchu 14 writ-up. It's weird how publicly accessible raws have dried up for Amanchu!

  13. huh..? this is not about aria.. however..

    you've got amanchu 13 raws!?

    i see that you remind QC on amanchu 13.

  14. resorting to chinese raws, we'll see about a re-release in the future when we finally get japanese raws.

  15. oh i see.

    it is hard get amanchu 13 raws..

    Thank you for your work !

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  17. i m really stupid so i have to read it twice to understand what the author want to say
    good times
    and bad times
    altogether make a circulation
    like spring ends and summer arrives, then autumn, winter and spring again
    poor dolls whose expression can never change no matter how they feel
    anyway, thank you very much for your hard work on the translation, very poetic, really.

  18. thanks guys
    you're now on my holly bookmark :p