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ARIA Vol.10 Navigation 50 - Extracurricular Activities

ARIA Vol.10 Navigation 50 [ACS]

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  1. Thanks for the release! Love this series. :)

  2. YUSH!

    I want to get scolded by Alicia-san... D:

  3. Wow. Teaching by not teaching. How much more Zen can you get?

    Amano's work seems to be very influenced by Zen philosphy, together with wabi sabi. Who says comic books can't be thought provoking ;)

  4. Alicia/Sanzang and Alice/Sun Wukong (Son Goku)it's really fun! This part in the anime made me laugh a lot!
    Thank you very much for the release.

  5. Loved that little bit with Akari spinning President Aria around at the end. :D

  6. This was my third favourite episode of the Anime. Thanks for the translations as always.

  7. > third favourite episode of the Anime

    Could be higher if that annoying Pokoteng cat stopped wearing silly headgears!

  8. How is that Pokoteng cat regarded generally? I tolerate its presence since the rest of the maga is so good, but I don't find him particularly funny or appealing.

  9. I like Aria shachou, except when he puinyuu's outside the bubbles and I have to clone stamp/redraw stuff >:(

    At the very least, at least he's better than Hime shachou and Maa shachou

  10. i like maa better.. aria is too fat.

    when i still in highscool our family got a cat with pure white fur and bright blue eyes.. we named her paris (after paris hilton)

    BTW mine ^_^

  11. > How is that Pokoteng cat regarded generally?

    Being the minion of Caith Sith and resident spy at Aria Company, Pokoteng-sachou definitely enjoys widespread popularity on Aqua and Man-Home as well.

  12. > How is that Pokoteng cat regarded generally?
    Animu = annoying and loud
    Mango = quiet and out of the way

    Both versions are PIG DISGUSTING, though.

  13. Well, I a not too fond of that fat cat, personally. Especiallly in the anime he is grating and I really think his presence ruins what could have been a very romantic scene in Arietta (you know, the one in the tower).

    BTW: the first page of the Navigation 50 is my desktop image now.

  14. Tamas Feher from HungaryOctober 5, 2009 at 5:59 AM

    > his presence ruins what could have been a very romantic scene in Arietta (you know, the one in the tower)

    The Aria film crew probably wanted to shot down any lesbian connotations, especially since the finale scene was shot in the church bell-tower.

    On the other hand the presence of Pokoteng makes a Hollywood adaptation of ARIA more likely. Hollywood just loves stupid animal sidekicks, like talking donkeys, cats, bats or even a piglet. Pokoteng for president!

  15. I think ARIA was eventually discontinued because Amano-sensei made a mistake and drove into a beartrap hidden in the story she created.

    Akari and Aika are undines and they are surface-bound due to their work activity. Albert is a gnome living underground, who seldom surfaces. Akatsuki is a salamander, who rarely descends from the clouds. What kind of common future do those pairs expect?

    If the boys moved to the surface, their professional skills would be useless. Do they need street garbage collectors in Neo-Venezia? Would an undine marry a drunkard, unemployed ex-weatherman or former gravity controller?

    On the other hand, if the girls had to abandon their oars and move underground / airloft to get married, they would waste from water-deprivation pretty soon. The boys wouldn't get the soap opera-like happy housewives they expect.

    Either that or maybe holo-relationships work very well in the 24th century? What do you think?

  16. Well, they're not that far apart. They can still meet on days off or something :< Long(ish) distance relationships can work

  17. "Akari and Aika are undines and they are surface-bound due to their work activity. Albert is a gnome living underground, who seldom surfaces. Akatsuki is a salamander, who rarely descends from the clouds. What kind of common future do those pairs expect?"

    Actually, I think they would probably stop working to get married, which is what

    - SPOILER -

    Alicia did at the end of the manga.

  18. > they would probably stop working to get married, as Alicia did at the end of the manga <

    Their situations cannot be compared:

    1., Alicia is an old salt, about 35 years old, she rowed more than enough before deciding to retire and marry the foreign trader. Meanwhile Akari and Aika have advanced relationships even before reaching prima status.

    Boys are unlikely to wait for 8 years or so to get the girl, when there are plenty of fish in the Neo-Adriatic sea. I also find it unlikely that the girls spent several years in undine training to retire after just two-three prima seasons.

    2., Alicia lives on the surfaces even after abandoning the oar, she works for the gondola association's administration. Meanwhile Akari and Aika would need to move over/under to get married and only see water in a jug afterwards.

    Akari immigrated to Mars exactly because of the lack of water in Earth's domed cities and Aika came from an ancient undine dynasty. Living underground, Aika would be unable to direct the family Himeya venture, that's another problem.

    Maybe Akari better choose Caith Sith? As for Aika, I have no good suggestion. Maybe she will follow the Akira path, which is scaring off any male nearby, while pretending to be a staue of feminimity at the same time.

    Anyhow, I think Ms. Amano messed up this case.

  19. Or they could, you know, commute to work.

  20. >Maybe Akari better choose Caith Sith?

    Beastiality kinshi!

  21. > Or they could, you know, commute to work.

    The manga where Akari meets Akatsuki for the first time, shows that the sky elevator shuts down like 18:00 in the evening?

    Anyhow I think Ms. Amano owes us at least another volume of Aria where these things are explained in a satisfactory manner and the story receives a proper conclusion.

    > Beastiality kinshi!

    I'm afraid that was already a lost cause by the end of ARIA the Natural ep. 20...

  22. The italian dub of ARIA features an Akira-san so harsh, she could join the military any day and be appointed as a boot camp trainer immediately. The japanese Akira-san is an Alicia-clone compared to the italian one.

    This explains the reason for Orange Planet's sudden rise and success: Akira has such an infamous reputation, 99% of would-be undines try to avoid Himeya recruiters at all cost.

  23. Well, I still think Alicia and Akari made the best match anyway. They would have made a fine married couple, although I don't know what Aqua's laws say about same-gender marriages.

  24. >shows that the sky elevator shuts down like 18:00 in the evening?

    That was a maintenance day - it's open until later usually.

    > 1., Alicia is an old salt, about 35 years old

    Alicia turns 20 (earth-years) in Nav 46. Akira in that chapter jokes that she's only 10 years old in Aqua years.

  25. > Alicia turns 20 (earth-years) in Nav 46

    That is proven impossible, considering Akari's age, Alicia's water fairy status and a large number of prior events documented in earlier chapters, which simply do not fit into the timeframe, unless Alicia is at least 30 years of age by the time she retires. She is actually 19 mars years old, or 35,5 in manhome years.

    And then we didn't even mention kindergarten Aika-chans time travel problem. ARIA has the harry Potter problem when it comes to timekeeping (schoolyear always starts on Monday, September 1st...)

  26. I guess the Canon answer to Alicia's age lies at the back of the manga book covers. I cannot be bothered to look that up, as I keep every volume inside plastic to prevent the paper changing colour.

  27. She's 19(earth years) in the character info page, and turns 20(earth years) at nav 46. I think people have previously brought up there's slight inconsistency with the ages but she definitely is not 35.

  28. Time-flow consistency is perhaps the biggest weakness in ARIA. Going by the official ages, Aika would have been around 9 when she got comforted by Alicia (age approx 14), and Aika aged approx 11 in the 4-leaf clover chapter (assuming Akira was 15) - which the art does not represent!

    If memory serves correct, Alicia became the youngest Prima ever when she was 15. Of course, Alice would go on to break that record.

  29. This is Amanchu ch. 11 raw, medium quality I guess, 300-400kB JPEG images:

  30. Hello,

    My name is Kasai Sui. I'm a french scanlator.
    I'de like to translate Amanchu in french.
    So can I use your work for our french version ?

    Thanks a lot for this awesome project

    Kasai Sui - Sankai Doumei Team

  31. @anon
    thanks for the raws, but they're quite badly scanned again ;_;

    feel free too.

  32. Dotty to get "Open Water Diver" licence in 2 months? I would think she'd be smart enough to breeze through those 50 multiple choice questions easily! :D

  33. Feher Tamas from HungaryOctober 8, 2009 at 7:19 PM

    > Dotty to get "Open Water Diver" licence in 2 months? <

    Lately I see many ads here in Hungary, where they offer super-quick scuba driver training and exams.

    Supposedly as a diver you are responsible for yourself, so if you are stupid enough to accept such a crash-course offer, its your fault if you get killed in a ridiculous diving accident.

    May I mention that the publicly available US Navy scuba handbook is over 700 pages long? Even if we take away the tech diving (trimix) part and underwater welding instructions, it is still 450+ pages long.

    On the other hand if something bad happens, at least we could watch Pikari give Dotty CPR to fulfill certain followers yurii fantasies!

  34. It's pretty normal for people to spend 3 days in the pool, then two days in the sea before taking the exam.

    That said, it doesn't give people much time to remember the stuff in the PADI book "not meant for channel-surfing couch captains!"

    I certainly never managed to memorise the hand signals other than "out of air", "follow me" and "ok" which is pretty terrible.

  35. Just to add to the "3 days in the pool". I slept-watched (too early in the morning) a video which followed the textbook closely for around two hours before spending another 2 hours or so in the pool.

  36. Awesome chapter! Thanks again :D

  37. actually, Alice doesn't get promoted younger than Alicia. Alice is introduced as 14, and at minimum, 2 earth years go by before her promotion, making her at least 16 when she becomes a prima. and at the very most, Alicia is 21 when she retires/gets married.

    better scanlation of amanchu c11
    hope you can use it

  39. mez no likies the watermarks, we'll be waiting on our own hq raw provider.

  40. > Alice doesn't get promoted younger than Alicia

    Yes, she did. Alice was promoted to prima straight out of compulsory education. That is the youngest possible age, unless Alicia was discharged from school early, due to alcohol problems, mental weakness or both (ara-ara)?

    Anyhow, the whole story makes no sense at all. I find it highly implausible that 16-- year olds can work legally in the 24th century.

    It's not allowed here and now. You can be a trainee or pupil of the trade, but to work as a full-fledged carpenter or tailor or prima undine would be impossible until you are 16 years old or even 18 in some jurisdictions, no matter what exams you took.

  41. > mez no likies the watermarks, we'll be waiting on our own hq raw provider. <

    Actually there are invisible watermarks embedded in every Amanchu page, even as it appears printed in Comic Blade. When scanned, such stego code allows the tracking of online manga spread.

    If you find the watermarks, solve them and follow the traces! You will learn the creator is actually a bomb-disabled russian girl hiding in the basement of the Kremlin and she used Aria for a social healing experiment on the global scale.

    A hint: if you find the watermark, you can open it with the password "Sigil".

  42. Hello! Where can I find japanese soft-subs for the Aria seasons, like .srt or Aegis? Esp. if it's also in Hepburn romanic format. There are lots of weird words in Aria it which don't make much sense to me. Japanese kid language, maybe? Much THX!

  43. Kozue Amano's favourite video game.

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