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ARIA Vol.9 Navigation 45 - Moon Viewing

ARIA Vol.9 Navigation 45 [ACS]

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  1. If anyone has noticed any grammar/spelling mistakes which need to be corrected for vol.9 [complete] release, please state them. (I know of the one in nav41, also parina/palina), and yes also I forgot the front insert of 45.5

  2. yay thanx.... keep up the good work

  3. Wow! Thanks for scanlating this next chapter. Keep up the great work! ^__^

  4. Punyuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~uuu!!!!!!

  5. Thank you so much! This made my day. :D

  6. What an amazing chapter T_T

  7. Great translation, as usual! Unfortunately I don't like Al-kun all that much. Aika is much cuter when she's crushing on Alicia instead of that ugly, boring guy.

    And of course you wouldn't be able to see the moons so clearly from the planet's surface, but that's just nitpicking ;)

  8. I personally quite identify with Al-san, since us short people have to stick together. -.o

    Also he's voiced by one of my fav. seiyus, so that helps too.

    And indeed Mars' night sky at least as best as our trusty robots on the surface can tell... well the moons dont seem to be quite that awesome hehe. Not really like ours' where you can clearly see some of the marks on it. But I guess they're kindof cute in their own way. :-)

    Though, in a way with those gnomes like Al-san doing whatever they're doing to make Aqua's gravity more Earth-normal, it's kindof surprising that this hasn't done poor Phobos in already. Speaking of nit-picking, haha.

  9. Tamas Feher from HungaryJuly 20, 2009 at 8:20 PM

    The moons were possibly enlarged by the massive amount of surplus dirt shipped up there when Mars was transformed into the watery planet Aqua.

    The gravity enhancement on Aqua is probably a tricky one, maybe it works only very near the surface. Their spaceships appear to be more like flimsy blimps than the aluminium rockets we are used to in 1G Earth gravity.

    (Although if there was no strong gravity at higher altitudes, air would simply escape to outer space in a few years time?)

    There may some trick with Aqua's selective gravity enhancement as well, like only the mass gravity or only the inertial gravity gets boosted. This would explain how a miniskirt-powered 14 year old can propel an escort carrier sized gondola on a single oar.

    Many think the gondolas contain hidden gravity crystals that work in reverse and make the vessels feather-light for elegant rowing, although that would make the undines a bunch of cheats.

  10. BTW, if the Planet Aqua did not have significant sized moons, there would be no significant tidal cycle and then how could Akira trap pairs and singles under bridges to humiliate them?

    This is a strong incentive to enlarge Mars's naturally tiny moons when waterforming Aqua.

  11. thaks...btw what chapter does the tragetto event took place..

  12. ^nav48!!
    still three more nav....T_T sorry i just couldn't wait to read it..

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    thanks for the aria goodness x3 <3

  14. I took a peek at the RAW chapter of this last night for the first time and it totally did me in. Just so hilarious!

  15. Hello, do yo think it is worth getting the 1280x720 pixel raws of Origination? Is it true HDTV or just upscaled without enhanced resolution? The file size is almost twice as large compared to SDTV raws, which is an inconvenience.

  16. Greenneutron: that shot was overexposed. Human eyes don't have nearly as much of a problem with that.

  17. I have also heard it's upscaled 720x. The 1280x raws and the later 720x subs I got to save space looked the same.

  18. Typos -- page 009, I think you meant "potable" water, meaning drinkable rather than "portable".

    Grammatically speaking I'd write "suggested" rather than "recommended" in Akari's second speech bubble on the very first page.

    Thanks for this chapter.

  19. There's also a misplaced space on page 4.

    Call me nitpicky. :P

  20. Slightly off:

    Firefighters rowed to save cat from river.

    Also here

  21. In the Aria anime, the trio never call their mentors sensei or -sama, only sempai or -san. About the only one using -sama is Akatsuki, when referring to Alicia or himself (ore-sama). Is there a specific reason behind this?

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  23. No perfect explanation but...

    -Sama is usually reserved for someone of superior rank in a *feudal* system. "God" is also referred to as kamiSAMA so that's the general context.

    If someone uses -sama in an everyday context like the case here in Aria, he/she is on a superiority ego trip - i.e. Akatsuki calling himself "ore-sama".

    In the "Playpals" chapter, Akatsuki asks Akira "What-sama do you think you are?", which basically means "Who the hell do you think you are" but at the same time also conveys the opinion of Akatsuki that Akira has overstepped her bounds, and it is of Akatsuki's opinion that Akira's actions imply a sense of superiority over him.

  24. Ah, Fehér Tamás, you was the one with the theory of using gravity stones in gondolas. I used that theory a lot times as an explanation!

    Btw, Did Al said that there are a Warp Gate on Deimos? Y'know, it's a little familiar...
    (I wonder if Amano-sensei ever played Doom.)

    Btw, there are a few Hungarians here, am I right?

  25. > I wonder if Amano-sensei ever played Doom. <

    The probability of that is less than me winning state lottery next week!

    > there are a Warp Gate on Deimos?

    Considering how long Ai-chan's silence / space journey lasted in the late part Aria the Natural, that is quite unlikely.

  26. Except for the bit where it says there's a warp gate on Deimos, right?
    Not to mention the part where Ai-chan says "I thought I'd surprise you so I didn't reply".

  27. lol! I think that Ai-chan knew of the Doom reference even if Amano-sensei didn't. She strikes me as the type to play that kindof 'joke' on her friends. hehe.

  28. Off-Topic:

    Lossless music *does* sound better. xD

  29. The audible difference between a 320kb mp3(properly encoded) compared to lossless FLAC is so tiny that you wouldn't be able to tell with a human ear, especially if you're not using some serious listening equipment. The pseudo effect of it being LOSSLESS does let you pretend though.

  30. There is some inherent quality problem with MP3, it failed to pass digital radio broadcast understanding tests with a german male voice.

  31. Akari's space journey did take a long time in the season 1 episode 1 flashback.

    If there was a warp gate on Deimos, nobody would live on the really messed-up Mars/Aqua. They would have left long ago to jump to another star or galaxy which has a more terraformable planet.

    BTW, the russians seriously believed the Phobos moon is hollow and it was placed on its current orbital track artificially. (It is indeed curiously placed, it clears up the debris field around Mars very well.) Currently there is no good explanation for its very low density, but no serios scientist thinks now that Phobos is hollow.

    The russians got a bit paranoid after both of their Fobos satellites lost connection just as they arrived at Mars.

  32. >There is some inherent quality problem with MP3, it failed to pass digital radio broadcast understanding tests with a german male voice.

    uhhh sauce? I really doubt a 320kb encoded mp3 wouldn't pass a digital radio broadcasting standards, only a very small % of people with trained ears on very high end equipment will be able to tell a difference between the two, if you really have a few thousand dollars of audio equipment on your personal computer and are an absolute perfectionist who can actually tell the difference and thinks lossless is noticeably better, then ok! you win :)

    >warp gate on Deimos,
    Well I'm pretty sure had that translation double checked, the manga specifically states there is a warp gate on Deimos, if you want to check the raws personally and have an issue with the translation - provided you're correct I'll be happy to change it with the volume release.

  33. >...russians seriously believed...
    >...both satellites lost connection just as they arrived at Mars.

    Since I have some time while my domestic bear is playing balalaika, I can tell you, that you're terribly wrong.

  34. "properly encoded"...that's a key word. Most mp3s are not and thus I find no audible difference between 128k and 320k mp3.

    On the other hand, I do find Lossless maybe 10% better. It's very subtle but there's a sparkle to it. It's like comparing CDs to and average-encoded mp3.

  35. Domestic bear? sounds kind of moe~ I also hear vodka means water in russian.

    >Most mp3s are not and thus I find no audible difference between 128k and 320k mp3.

    I don't know where you're getting your music from, but if you can find it in FLAC - then you'll be able find it encoded properly in 320kb 99% of the time. Using animu related music as an example, NIPPONSEI encodes fine with releases at 320kb CBR.
    Not saying FLAC is bad and people shouldn't use it as it's a waste of space, it's obviously the best thing to archive with since it IS lossless(I have many gigs of it myself), and in the future when better audio equipment is widely available there's chance of getting the most out of it. But I really doubt you are hearing any real audible difference unless you are some hardcore audiophile. I mean even a lot of hardcore audiophiles have trouble finding artifacts in 320kb mp3s

    "The following is a generalization:

    Samples that can be ABXed at 320 kbps by people trained to hear artifacts are fairly rare.

    Samples that can be ABXed at 320 kbps by people who are not trained to hear artifacts are (virtually) nonexistent.

    This is what I have concluded from years of reading what is being said here at HA, but as far as I know nobody has gone back to compile this information in any kind of quantitative way."

    Sure in the end it's subjective, but I do wonder how easily you'll be able to do an ABX test if you can claim to hear a 10% difference :)

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  37. I do find impossible to tell the difference between a decent mp3 and lossless, unless I listen to them back-to-back. The sound quality difference is indeed subtle. Artifacts are not the problem - the background instrumentals feels a *tiny bit* more muffled in the mp3s.

    I doubt it's a placebo effect because the first time I played my most played song "Tori no Uta", on lossless, the sound balance of the accomp - was a little different because of the slightly increased clarity. On Makino Yui's "Synchronicity", the lossless made my subwoofer work harder - the bass was more direct and punchy.

    I source new stuff from Nipponsei, and old stuff from Gendou. They get crunched down into 128k after a while with dB Poweramp Converter. I find the difference between 128k vs 320k less pronounced than 320k vs lossless.

  38. Supposedly there are some hungarians here.

    This is a supposedly high quality hungarian subtitle for the Arietta OVA anime.

    This is an extensively reworked version of the Sayanrivals .ASS subtitle, which was buggy, with many mistakes in both translation and concept. Yet, it was a suitable basis and I couldn't have started from scratch anyhow.

    The subtitle is centered for 720x480 video size, a possible raw anime for it is available here in Matroska format:

    I can't guarantee that the sub will display properly with anything else than Aegisub and Aegis is not really suitable for home movie use. VLC apparently ignores out-of-order .ass lines, this problem has been dragging for years... Other players mess up hungarian accented characters in subtitle fonts.

  39. Tamas Feher from HungaryJuly 28, 2009 at 7:31 PM

    Mez: I am not doubting that Ms. Amano wrote about a warp gate in the manga. I just want to say it doesn't make sense for the internal logic of the Aria story. However, Aria is romantic fantasy, not hard-SF, so logic is of limited importance.

    Anyhow, a warp gate (wormhole) is not just a method of supra-luminal travel, but also a source of tremendous energy production. Planet Aqua could scrap all of its wind turbines and wood-fed fireplaces and replace them with fusion furnaces. Climate control could work all the winter, so undines can have business all year around, etc.

  40. But the wind turbines and wood-fed fireplaces are the charms of Planet Aqua, along with the not-so perfect climate control. Remember, Aqua is that way on purpose, not due to limitations of technology - various mentions of Manhomes tech include automated climate control for "always pleasant" weather, and everything seems to be vastly convenient - it's a technologically advanced society. But it's also strongly hinted that Manhomes air and nature is all but ruined, so Aqua itself is more like a nostalgic preservation of what once was.

  41. Or, as the MSTies put it; "if you're wondering how he eats and breathes and other science facts; just repeat to yourself 'it's just a show, I should really just relax'..."