Saturday, June 27, 2009

Amanchu! Ch04 (HQ) - A Path In The Air

Amanchu! Ch04 (HQ) [ACS]

HQ Re-release with clean raw.

-3 page interview with Kozue Amano and Mayumi Azuma(another mangaka at Comic BLADE).
-Calendar scan of August(Amanchu!) from the extras off that months Comic BLADE.



  1. That was great, that interview!

    "I wonder what Alicia would have said in these circumstances (laugh)"

    Hmm, does Alicia ever say anything but ara-ara?

    BTW, it looks like Ms. Amano was Alice-chan in Aria, i.e. the sociophobic one?

    BTW2, the first ep. of a new anime by Aria director Junichi Sato aired the day before yesterday in Japan. It's called Marin's Great Sea Story (Umi Monogatari: Anata ga Ite Kureta Koto) and is about mermaids. Music is like Aria and the heroine is about as stupid as Akari and Sailor Moon combined...

  2. >as stupid as Akari
    >stupid Akari
    oh no you didn't

  3. Akari is definitely not on track to win any science Nobel prize ... the Peace prize maybe. She is naive and self-dangerous, trusting beings too much and too easily. In real life such a girl would be exploited by others and thrown wayside very soon.

    Anyhow Marin of the Great Sea Story is a total bimbo based on the first episode and a blonde for that matter. Considering the new anime series is based on a pachinko game parlor item, don't expect too much logic from the story.

  4. on the second pg of interview (pg 32) -- did the mangakas draw each other's characters??

    i was confused by the labels (amano + elemental gelade, azuma + aria, ehhh??), but it seems from their signatures that amano-san drew the characters from elemental gelade, and azuma-san drew akari & aria-shachou! neato!

    thanks for the HQ! keep up the good work!

  5. yes page 2 they drew each others characters, guess I should have made it a bit more obvious - but the signatures are there

  6. =DDD Thanks, thanks, thanks

  7. >In real life such a girl would be exploited by others and thrown wayside very soon.
    No. I'd catch her as she's being thrown. ~Σ(  ̄ロ ̄)

  8. Real-world news headup:

    There is now a fully certified female gondolier in Venice, she is Giorgia Boscolo, 23. I am a bit doubting her credentials, 'cause his father is also a gondolier, so the exam may have been tilted in her favour.

    (The other lady, Alexandra Hai, a german immigrant, has been trying for something like 12 years.)

    Anyhow here are the news with photos, last two with photos:

    Guardian UK



    You can also read a new three page story about Alexandra Hai here.

    Anyhow, more undines can only be good for Venezia, because the current batch of male gondoliers are often perceived as thugs by the tourists: they are all about the money and talk on the mobile phone all the time, rowing one-handed, disrespecting their customers.

  9. According to ANSA's news article it takes a mere six months to be a gondolier in Venezia.

    This must be a joke, I guess. Akari probably spent more than six months being a pair and that was just very basic rowing ability stage...

  10. Tamas Feher from HungaryJune 28, 2009 at 8:27 AM


    I was recently in Venice on a short Aria pilgrimage. Here are some photos from INSIDE the Himeya Company HQ, a.k.a. the Danieli luxury hotel located very near the Doge Palace.

    Himeya HQ interior is part of Aria the Animation episode 02 and Aria the origination ep11. (By the way, Hotel Danieli is actually three buildings, but only the middle one is historical, the other two are erased from Aqua/Aria.)

    The Danieli hotel crew suprisingly did not mind me entering and taking photos for about 15 minutes (avoided flashlight), but I did not dare to try climb the stairs, so all shots are ground floor only.

    Not very good photos, I seldom take pictures and it was a 150USD class cheap camera w/o image stabilization or wide angle lens. Danieli is a difficult place to photo, the interior is very dark, yet it has a tall glass ceiling, so there is too much contrast and it fools the camera.

    I did not have a tripod and tried to place the camera on obstacles to allow for steady multi-second exposures without flashlight.

    The hotel appeared suprisingly worn for a luxury dwelling, probably lives off its name and rich history (it was in place before the Armada tried to conquer England).

    Anyhow, too much talk, here is the 6MB sized ZIP file.

  11. very pretty, thanks for that

  12. The interview makes me squel many times, Amano Sensei is SO adorable.

    I also wish she will go on drawing comfortable and healing mangas for a long long time.

    Thank you very much for the scanlation.

  13. Again great thanks for you ! \O/

  14. After reading your comment, I was expecting very dark photos, but they came out very nice, thanks, Tamas.

  15. Tamas Feher from HungaryJuly 3, 2009 at 5:30 AM

    Hello, I think we still haven't found the Aria Company HQ location. I've seen the Arsenale vaporetto station mark on Google Maps, but I'm not convinced if that is a bulls-eye.

    The bridge to the left of Aria HQ has a red brick lining, while the bridge west of the Arsenale vaporetto station is pure white. Aria anime is usually accurate in such respests and I think the background buildings do not look anything like that seen in Aria.

    Any ideas?

    You can also pm him on mal (X10A_Freedom) for more information.

  17. Hello Mez! In fact I an doubting the vety article you quoted. That article concluded on the Arsenale vaporetto stop, but I think it is very far from a perfect match. If anybody happens to be in Venice, finding the location of Aria Company would be worth further effort.

  18. Want to give your reasons on why you think it's not correct? The article certainly backed up it's opinion, you saying "I don't think it's correct" is hardly a compelling argument.

  19. So, because the commies stole Freedom's access there, I have to send his comment.


    Freedom said...

    "The locale of Aria Company in Neo-Venezia is heavily modified from the current Venice itself. The producers of the anime has placed a fictional area the size of a block which deisrupts the southern coastline of Venice, while in real-life, we have a long, uninterrupted and straight promenade. This means that there is actually no "precise" location of Aria Company in real-life. You can only have a best "approximation".

    The fact that Aria Company is in the south promenade area is established from the drama CDs which came with precise addresses of the Undine companies. For Aria Company, this is Neo-Schiavoni river bank 4914. The beauty of it is, while the "Schiavoni river bank" exists, the number 4914 doesn't.

    The Vaporetto stop in question is in fact around 100 metres east from "Schiavonni river bank". However, it is located on a unique concrete platform which sticks out to sea, and has an adequate surface area for a small house if you wanted to build one. Thus I decided it is the best approximate location for Aria Company.

    Incidentally, the address of "Neo-Frari Square", given for Orange Planet also has major issues, the current "Frari Square" looking nothing like the one in Neo-Venezia."

    And that's it.
    Now if you excuse me, I have to kick a nine-tailed fox's butt now.

  20. Tamas Feher from HungaryJuly 4, 2009 at 4:30 AM

    > Neo-Schiavoni river bank 4914. The beauty of it is, while the "Schiavoni river bank" exists, the number 4914 doesn't. <

    Castello 4914 is almost exactly Himeya HQ a.k.a. Hotel Danieli, according to Google Earth. (The Schiavoni waterfront is located in the Castello disctrict.)

    BTW, Venice has no door numbers per street, entire districts are numbered running from 0001 to thousands without any obvious logic behind the pattern.

    The drama CD also gives Himeya address as Schiavoni 8113, which is clearly nonsense, because the Castello number run ends around 6790.

    Santa Croce 0111 points to a semi-isolated largish block of houses a stone-throw distance south-west from the Frari church.

    I think the Orange Planet HQ may be modelled after the medieval jewish ghetto in Venice.

  21. Do you know of a place to download Aria anime RAWs? Torrent is blocked here and Veoh banned almost all countries of the world by IP last summer.

    I was lucky to get all the english subbed Aria episodes xvids from VEOH before the ban, but now need the raws now.

    Thanks in advance!

  22. Amanchu! ch. 01-07 (J release w/o watermarks)

    UR Welcome.

  23. Amano isn't a reality junkie. She matches and mixes elements she likes to be a compelling whole. The same applies to Amanchu!. Sure, it takes place in Ito, but she also throws in a lot of landmarks from other spots in the Shizuoka prefecture.

  24. They practice diving with compressed air tank in Amanchu! ch8, so it's a real scuba club, not just snorkeling. Otherwise the story may actually become the female equivalent of Luc Besson's The Big Blue?

  25. Tamas Feher from HungaryJuly 7, 2009 at 5:24 AM

    There is a building in Venice just east of the "ex Reali Gardens", which looks rather like the Aria HQ background.

    I'm not saying it is the fictional location of Aria Company, rather it may be the inspiration to how the buildings on the waterfront right behind Aria HQ look like.

    Look here in the middle of the pic

    I means the building in the right, with five tall arcades and the taller building in the middle with the vaporetto platform in front of it.

    Only the left part of the complex is missing compared to Aria anime imagery, there should be a building with a series of medium sized arcades at the ground floor.

    I am not sure it is 100% match, there may be an even better or exact spot, but Venice is such a crowded mess of masonry only a local could help find the scene.

  26. Yeah it's real scuba. That's why in CH6 I believe they have the 'how not to make your lungs explode while diving' safety discussion. (^^)

  27. > Yeah it's real scuba. That's why in CH6 I believe they have the 'how not to make your lungs explode while diving' safety discussion. <

    That can happen with "free lung" diving also. If you go below 7 meters depth with or without any tech, compression-decompression will be an issue. Exploding lungs are a problem for submarines, even though their personal emergeny escape and ascend set is just a hood, no air bottles.

  28. Just notices something minor, lol

    In the interview, the cellphone ringtone should be "cannot defeat Ai* (Air) man", lol. It's a popular Niconico song.

    Random trivia. XD