Sunday, February 8, 2009

Amanchu! Ch03 (LQ) - School Life

Amanchu! Ch03 [ACS] (LQ)

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  1. Wow, thanks for the new chapters :D

  2. THANKS U GUYS ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Thank you very much...

  4. Thanks for doing this series. I hadn't realized that Kozue Amano had started a new series. I'm looking forward to the next chapter!

  5. Awesome guys! Keep up the good work.

  6. Great many thanks for Chapter 3, makes for a good start of the week!

    Some question and observations:

    - What kind of japanese school has long robe uniform for female pupils? No miniskirts, no socks, no zettai ryouiki, that's a disaster! (Although the school uniform appears to be derived from Aria's wintertime undine garments).

    Bottom of page 65, "please be seated in the order shown". How is that blackboard supposed to determine an order, since all cells appear to contain the same sign? Please explain that in detail if possible!

    I think there may be some second-guess between the japanese text and the planetary sketch on the blackboard (e.g. horoscope determines sitting order)?

    - Ooki Futaba, is she a robot like Alpha of YKK or simply a semi-autistic Alice Carol clone?

    - Ooki her stupid face at the bottom of page71 is much like Aika-chan's, when Alicia praised her hairstyle in Aria the Natural.

    - The wooden structure in page76, is that a tunnel or a covered bridge? Why is it significant? Do you arrive at AQUA if you cross it with a cat?

    - Hikari may be an alchemist: on top of page03 it looks like she is trying to transmutate the cat who's sitting on her head (or maybe I've just watched too much Hagaren...)

  7. -figure hugging amano dresses are superior
    -she's just done scribbles as she doesn't want to make up actual names for everyone in the class(or doesn't want to reveal them yet) - they aren't all the same anyway
    -2chan is like a less tsun tsun Alice
    -looks like a tunnel, just one of those "pan to landscape while talking about something deep" scenes, also relates to the narration in a way which you are 'passing' through.
    -obviously trying to transmute it into gold to pawn off to support her sugar addiction.

  8. >-figure hugging amano dresses are superior

  9. Any clues about Ooki's mobile texting addiction? My guess there will be an Ai-chan in Amanchu too and Ooki often checks if she answers?

  10. No clues.
    My guess is a boyfriend or sibling.

  11. I don't think Ooki has a boyfriend, else she wouldn't be so reserved. What's more, if she had a boyfriend the story would be over, since she could not hang around with Hikari and Katori-sensei all the time.

    Something else: I think you should have stayed with Pikari for the nickname and explain the meaning (Dazzle) in the footnote. If Ms. Amano invents a new wordplay for Hikari->Pikari->????? in the next chapter, you will be in trobule with the translation.

    In Aria everybody accepted Dekkai-chan, Hahi-chan so Pikari should be fine for the scanlation.

  12. We were debating whether to leave it or not, I'll probably change it with the HQ release, we couldn't 100% confirm if it is actually "pikari" just yet - as we don't have japanese raws, and had to go off a wiki.

  13. I had a bad dream last night, so I am asking about it here: if Amanchu will be about diving, how can it be a fun and lighthearted series?

    Scuba diving is dangerous, bare lung diving is especially dangerous, people die left and right. If Amanchu! runs for three years and all of the main protagonists are still alive at the end, I'd say that would not be realistic.

    If I remember correctly nobody got killed in Aqua/Aria manga (and the Allen Honda episode was an original anime invention by Junichi Sato)?

  14. Well rowing boats on mars isn't very realistic either. I'm pretty confident that Amano will be keeping with the "fun" theme, and last I checked "death" wasn't on the list of my fun things.

  15. > Well rowing boats on mars isn't very realistic either <

    Latest NASA findings show there is still water on Mars, in the form of underground ice and liquid drops have been observed condensing on the lander's leg last week.

    Last month there was big news about geological evidence of past hot springs on Mars (onsen anyone?)

    The chinese will go to Mars in 30 years, if some of their Amano fans manage to get onboard the spaceship, americans arriving later on will be greeted by Himeya undines for sure.

  16. yes, you're right. rowing boats on mars is alot more realistic to not having someone die in a manga about scuba diving, what could I be thinking.

  17. This is supposed to be an Amanchu Ch03 raw, but the resolution may not be enough:!%203.pdf

    Is there an estimate for the fourth chapter?

  18. Sorry, this is supposed to be the JPEG format package of that RAW:!

  19. I already grabbed the 03 raw off share a few days ago, that's the same one I believe. We have to wait on the chinese for 04, since they are usually the fastest, no ETA.

  20. The chinese already have Amanchu 4!

    Let's dive!

  21. Please refer to the "status" at the bottom of the website, it gets updated for a reason